KC Entertainment Options

Standard Party Packages - Formal/Wedding Party Packages

4 hour show with Reliable Dedicated PCDJ FX Digital Software Interface Allowing On-The-Fly Automated Mix and Search

Basic Party Package includes our 35,000+ DJ Song selection

Wireless Mics and Special Requests At No Additional Charge

Last but not least We Keep The Music Flowing with Backup Sound Reinforcement Built In

and available at every show!

Two Non-Mounted Automated Party Light Effects Included at no additional charge!

NO HIDDEN FEES, NO SETUP FEES, Save On Option Inclusive and 5/6 HOUR Packages!

Contact Us Now For A No Cost, No Obligation Quote!

Ask About Reduced Inclusive Package Pricing For Overtime and All Available Options!

4 Dance FX Truss Mounted Lighting Available

Recommended for Wedding and Most Nightime Parties - Option Fee of $75

Additional 1/2 hr Setup - 1/2 hr Breakdown Time (var)

Advanced Fully Integrated Digital Karaoke

for an amazing Smooth, Seemless, and Fun Karaoke Experience and Selection

with 15,000+ Karaoke Songs

and Fast On-The Fly Song Search

includes 24" LCD TV Monitor and two Wireless Microphones (additional wired mics available)

75' hi-grade Cabling for Multiple Monitor Capacity - Option Fee of $75

Ness Professional Bubble Machine Available

This option includes the Ness Bubble Machine, Bubble Fluid, and a light hand-held Fan to better lift, position and cover the recessional and/or dance area with attractive high-flying bubbles

(we use only Non-Toxic/ Non-Staining high Quality Bubble Juice for Bright, Colorful, Long-lasting bubbles)

Ambience and Fun for Weddings and Parties...

Standard Option Fee of $50 or as Enhanced Package Inclusion At No Additional Charge!

Fun Party Favors (Visit our Party Store for Fun Theme Ideas),

Games (Limbo, Musical Chairs etc.) and

Props (Hats, Inflatable Guitars etc. ) - Contact To Discuss

Ceremony Music Options Available (See Below)

Location is On-Site in the Same Room as the Reception...
(both ceremony and reception music will be provided via One Primary Equipment Setup – main full (see gear page) -
Option Fee of $75


Location is On-Site at the Same Facility but Separate Location within that facility...

Primary Equipment Setup at Reception Site Prior to Small Alternate Equipment Setup at Ceremony Location (medium equipment setup includes a roland mixer/amp (mono), medium mini-table (if needed); laptop and peripheral equipment - Option Fee of $95


Location is Off-Site (Ceremony is NOT Being Conducted at Reception Site but rather at an Alternate Location) fee will reflect distance and other factors...

Primary Equipment Setup at Reception Site Prior to Small Alternate Equipment Setup at Ceremony Location (medium equipment setup includes a roland mixer/amp (mono), medium mini-table (if needed); laptop and peripheral equipment) - Option Fee of $125 - $195 (contact to discuss specifics...)

Online Photo Album Option!

Private Online Photo Album created and hosted for 3 months

Album will include Candid Photos taken during show by our staff;

Cropped and Edited, Gathered into an album

with two or more multi-photo collages

(see recent photos pages for collage examples)

[All event photos on this site have been taken by our staff]

All photos and collages will be uploaded to your own private

Photo Album with your own URL made available to Share with Guests, Friends and Family

==> See Note Below Regarding Quality Improvements in our Photo Options <==

The Online Photo Album examples below do not reflect photo quality that can be expected with this option; they are intended only as an example of the basic structure/format of the the online albums and sharing link...both examples below were taken some years back with only the most basic camera without optical zoom and with only minimal pixel depth; we have subsequently improved our camera and quality; although this service is still not meant to compete with photographer quality work by a stretch; it has improved and so these, 'On-The-Fly,' photo albums now provide better quality photos generally including better light and zoom, medium available size, and reduced pixelation...

Here are a few recent emails weve received regarding our Online Photo Album, Photo and DJ Services Generally...

'These are great! They capture all the fun we had.

The last pic with me, Jeff and KC with my hair a mess proves I was shakin' in the whole time!! :-D

I would love for us to be an example of the great services you provide,

so feel free and post the link. 

My heart races every time I think of our wedding day and we thank you for participating in that!!!'

Jessica and Jeffrey G.

Click Here To View Jessica and Jeffrey's Online Photo Album

"Too funny!  Jaye and I just looked through the pictures.  Those are great! 

We were laughing at so many of them.  Wow, what a party we had.  It's great to see your point of view. 

You did a really good job. Everyone said you were a riot! 

You knew exactly when to cut out a song to keep the party going.  

We heard lots of good things about you -

"Your DJ is rocking out to Kelly Clarkson"  "Look, your DJ is dancing"  "Where did you find your DJ?"

Thanks Ken and Debbie!  

Anytime you need a reference, just let us know.  

And - yes, feel free to use our pictures as an example photo album.

Jaye and Amie H.

Click Here To View Jaye and Amie's Online Photo Album

We do appreciate these comments and we post them here because we know

the value of this option and we know you're going to be pleasantly surprised as well!

Option Fee of $50 (see examples of candid photos taken by staff at various events )

(This option is Included at no charge with KeepSake CD option package - see below)

Custom Color Printed KeepSake Gift CD/DVD* option

with All Photos, PC AutoRun Feature and Enhanced SlideShow w/Soundtrack

of 3-5 of your Favorite Song Picks Of Event...

Click Here To View Example KeepSake CD/DVD Webshow w/Intro Menu and SlideShow (abbreviated version)

Online Photo Album Option is Included at no addtional charge with KeepSake CD/DVD Package!

(KeepSake CD 'Candid Photos' not intended to be comparable to Professional Photography, however they are valuable as a fun photographic record of all event participants generally taken 'on-the-fly' throughout the duration of the event from beginning to end and make for a great keepsake and share with family and guests)

KeepSake CD Package includes An Archive of All Candid Photos taken by our staff at there

highest available resolution!

(an Archive of compressed (web quality) event photos will be included on the KeepSake CDs/the Archive of event photos included on the DVDs will be more suitable for printing and of medium size and higher resolutions than are possible with the CDs and/or the Online Photo Album);

All Photos will be touched up, cropped with two or more multi-photo Collages

(One Select Collage will be Direct-to-Disc Printed On KeepSake CD - See Example Disc Above)

(PC AutoRun feature will be included on at least 2 discs. An Archive of Event Photos Included on at least 1 Disc)

*2009 Update: We've made some improvements to the Photos Options...producing more printable photos of medium size and resolution requiring medium disc storage capacities. To be able to address this need for greater disc capacity, in turn providing better quality slideshows and more printable photos at maximum available size and resolution; we've also begun including custom color printed DVDs -- KeepSake CD/DVD package will provide at least one CD in VCD format and will run a standard quality slideshow (playable on most computers and DVD players) with a compressed photos archive (best for web sharing and viewing)/DVDs will run a higher quality slideshow with PC Autorun feature and all event Photos at there Maximum available Size and Resolution (better for printing).

Here are just a few of the emails we've received regarding our CDs and Services...

"We just got the CDs today!  We laughed and cried and felt like we were there again - you captured everything so beautifully to the music we loved.  Thank you so much for such a PRICELESS keepsake.  No one should hesitate to get the photo CD.  I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful rememberance of the best night of our lives!"

Jane G.

"They were absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for the phenominal job you did. All of our guests are still talking about it and asking when we are throwing another event with you as our dj."

Maggie M.

"They arrived and what an awesome job on these. I sat and cried (tears of joy) watching Kyle, my grandson and others of my family. Thank you, Thank you...Thank you. IMPORTANT: May I order another set for one of my daughters here. I will pay with paypal but can it be sent to her address.She missed the reception as her mother-in-law (93) died that morning. Thank you for making me memories...Debbie.....you are an Angel................thank you so much"


'We just got home from the road and to our surprise, our cd's were here for us.   We just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful job you did on them!   We just love the way you set the cd up and the music that you chose for it.  We are telling everyone we know about you...You guys were just awesome and we were so lucky to find you!'

'Thanks again, we appreciate all of your hard work............and GREAT JOB!!'

Sincerely, Bruce and Darlene W.

'Thanks for the CD's ! They were a nice surprise. Thanks! I think we'll be putting them in our parents Christmas packages. (video, pictures, frame., etc.) They'll be fun to watch with family around at Christmas - it brought us right back to the day. (Everyone happy and having a hell of a time)'

Amie H.

We do appreciate these comments and we post them here because we know

the value of this option and we know you're going to be pleasantly surprised as well!

(option includes at least 3 Custom Color (Direct-To-Disc) Printed KeepSake CD/DVDs as well as Online Photo Album INCLUDED at no additional charge (See Above); shipping and handling included (This option builds on the initial online photo album photo edit/process with additional editing and production) -

Option Fee of $95

Tell the Story of your Romance with our

Pre-Event Prepared SlideShow

You send us your photos and we make them into a slideshow for background display during the event on any available monitors/projectors (client must provide) on cue and at desired time. This is a nice option to give your guests a chance to see your story in pictures at a specified time during event. Generally this is best as cocktail hour/dinner hour casual browse by display. This can be adapted to other styles of display and/or events generally where a picture display with or without soundtrack is desired

Option Fee of $95

Enjoyed the CDs and want to share with family and friends, try our

Family & Friend Share Pack - 6 for $45 (S/H included) - available only as an add-on to primary KeepSake CD option

Ask About Reduced Inclusive Package Pricing For Overtime and All Available Options!

$200 Deposit (min) - Payment of Balance Required Prior To Event (14 days min.)

$100/hr Overtime (var)

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